Laser Focus World March 2010 Issues

Laser Focus World March 2010Laser Focus World has released their March 2010 Issues. Here are some features articles for Laser Focus World Magazine this month.


MOTION CONTROL: Automated alignment keeps Z machine on target
Computer-controlled motorized mirror mounts enable rapid realignment of beam-steering optics between discharges at Sandia National Labs’ Z machine.

HIGH-POWER SOLID-STATE LASERS: Ti:sapphire laser crystals reach 200 mm diameter
The unprecedented increase in peak laser powers in recent years has pushed the boundaries of Ti:sapphire crystal-growth technology.

IR DETECTORS: Low-cost organic photodiodes reach into the infrared
Strides are being made to extend the sensitivity of organic photodiodes into the infrared region for solar energy, communications, and imaging applications that can take advantage of their low-cost, low-temperature processing, and compatibility with flexible and large-area substrates.

PHOTONIC FRONTIERS: OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS: High-speed fiber transmission reaches 100 Gbit/s on a single channel
Coherent transmission, phase-shift keying multiple bits per modulation interval, and polarization multiplexing combine to transmit an impressive 100 Gbit/s through a 50 GHz optical channel on step-index single-mode fiber.

OPTICS FOR MICROSCOPY: Swept field confocal overcomes point-scanning microscopy limitations
Compared to the relatively slow acquisition speed and high phototoxicity of traditional confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), a new technology called swept field confocal (SFC) uses optics to split the excitation laser into multiple beams for improved live cell imaging studies.

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