Laser Focus World Magazine April 2012

Laser Focus World April 2012Most trusted optoelectronics industry magazine, Laser Focus World magazine, has been released for April 2012 edition. You can read latest optoelectronics industry news and developments in advanced semiconductors, medical equipment, lasers, optics and aviation and aerospace. in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Photonics Education
How to begin a career in photonics

Laser Safety
Retinal injury research impacts future laser safety standards

3D Optical Imaging
Holoscopy makes ultrafast lensless imaging of scattering tissues possible

Fiber Lasers
Fiber lasers: The state of the art

Photonics Applied: Wearable Photonics
Smart photonic textiles begin to weave their magic

Optical Design
Free-form optics enables lightweight head-mounted displays

Photonic Frontiers: Room-Temperature IR Imaging
Microbolometer arrays enable uncooled infrared cameras

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About Laser Focus World Magazine :
Laser Focus World is a monthly magazine for engineers, researchers, scientists, and technical professionals providing comprehensive global coverage of optoelectronics technologies, applications, and markets. Each month LFW reports on and analyzes the latest developments and significant trends in both technology and business in the worldwide optoelectronics and photonics industry. A must read for engineers, engineering managers, scientists, researchers and technical professionals for technical information on lasers, optics, detectors, imaging, fiberoptics, instrumentation and software.

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