Hydrocarbon Engineering March 2014 Issue

Hydrocarbon Engineering 03/2014 edition - Free subscription. New edition of Hydrocarbon Engineering magazine is now available. In March 2014 issue, you can get latest news, technical and analytical information for the downstream oil and gas processing sector. Here are featured articles for this month.


From north to south
Latin American refining sector in light of the changes in oil supply and demand within the Americas

Oil, water, and corrosion
The role of protective coatings in corrosion prevention for assets used in the transportation and storage of crude shale oil

Modes of protection
Ethylene detection methods and assesses their potential to mitigate the consequences of gas leaks

Shale solutions
How the correct choice of catalyst can allow refiners to most fully exploit the opportunity of shale oil

Novel technology
Catalyst generation based on novel catalyst preparation technology

It ain’t easy being green
The controversy and technological hurdles facing clean fuels

Options for octane
Technology options for achieving significant reductions in FCC gasoline sulfur while retaining octane

Clean by design
Feed adaptation for clean fuels production

Alternative tank storage
The best available technique to reduce emissions, risks and cost on aboveground hydrocarbon storage

Enhancing coke drum longevity
How computational fluid dynamics can be used to illuminate methods for improvement in coke drum longevity

Armoured against corrosion
The advantages of new generation erosion resistant coatings over conventional ceramic filled coatings, for spray application

Reliability in recovery
How sulfur recovery unit reliability can be enhanced through effective boiler ferrule design

Something in the water
The challenges that face industrial water treatment, and the advanced process control measures that can be implemented at an IGCC plant to overcome them

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About Hydrocarbon Engineering Magazine:
Hydrocarbon Engineering is leading source of technical and analytical information for the downstream oil and gas processing sector. It provides a blend of well researched international reports, regional forecasts, technical articles and case studies, and including the annual “World Review”, and “Engineering Contractor’s Overview” features.

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