Hydro Review Worldwide May-June 2012

Hydro Review Worldwide Magazine CoverMain resource for Hydro Energy development, Hydro Review Worldwide, has released their new edition for May – June 2012. In this issue, you can read latest news and technical information on Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide such as prospects for hydro development in Europe, dams for a changing world, reopening Glendoe hydro plants and more.

Feature Articles

Examining the Prospects for Hydro Development in Europe
By Bob Doucette
With European leaders pushing hard to develop renewable energy sources, what are the prospects for hydro? Certain sectors of the market look promising, and some nations are promoting hydropower development to meet their clean energy needs.

Kyoto 2012: Dams for a Changing World
By Tadahiko Sakamoto
The International Commission on Large Dams’80th Annual Meeting and 24th Congress, to be held June 2-8 in Kyoto, Japan, brings together dam experts from around the world to exchange their knowledge and experiences.

Reopening Glendoe after a Rock fall
By David Appleyard
One of the first significant hydro plants to be built in the UK in decades, 100 MW Glendoe was shut down just eight months after start up as a result of rock falls. With repairs now almost complete, the station is poised to recommence operations.

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About Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) Magazine :
Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) provides comprehensive coverage of the Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide. Its mission is to provide a worldwide network for sharing practical, technical information and expertise on hydroelectric power. HRW brings together the international community sharing a common interest in hydro.

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