Hydro Review Worldwide Magazine September October 2012

Hydro Review worldwide september 2012Here is new edition of main resource for Hydro Energy development, Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) magazine. In this issue, you can read latest news and technical information on Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide such as developing Santo Antonio: a focus on sustainability, creating a Hybrid Hydro-Wind System on a Spanish Island, EMI analysis of electrical equipment and more.

Feature Articles

Developing Santo Antonio: A Focus on Sustainability
Because of its location within a very biodiverse region of Brazil, 3,150 MW Santo Antonio had to be developed with a strict focus on sustainability. Santo Antonio Energia spent US$637 million on environmental, social and resettlement programs.

Creating a Hybrid Hydro-Wind System on a Spanish Island
When a hybrid wind and pumped storage plant is developed on the island of El Hierro, it will meet nearly 65% of total electricity demand and supplant environmentally unfriendly diesel.

EMI Analysis of Electrical Equipment
Electromagnetic interference (EMI) diagnostics, which can be used to evaluate the condition of generator insulation, offer a non-invasive on-line technique for condition-based maintenance programs.

ICOLD Focuses on Capacity Building
In line with its mission to support dam engineering and development, the International Commission on Large Dams offers training programs for engineers in Turkey, Morocco and China.

Every Drops Counts – Is It Possible?
A challenge during development of 42.5 MW Sibulan A and B was to use every drop of water in the river to generate power. Owner Hedcor Inc. shows how results of hydraulic studies helped maximize revenue

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About Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) Magazine:
Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) provides comprehensive coverage of the Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide. Its mission is to provide a worldwide network for sharing practical, technical information and expertise on hydroelectric power. HRW brings together the international community sharing a common interest in hydro.

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