Hydro Review Worldwide Magazine March-April 2012

Hydro Review Worldwide March-APril 2012 CoverHydro Review Worldwide (HRW) magazine for March-April 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news and technical information on Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Challenges of Hydro Tunnelling in India
By Claudio Vissa, Rakesh Mahajan, German Vera Lazo, Kent Murphy and S.P. Bansal
The lessons learned with regard to tunneling by developers of the 192 MW Allain Duhangan project can prove valuable for other developers working in this country.

How Explosives Affect Embankment Dams
By Abass Braimah and Mohammad Rayhani
Failure of embankment dams as a result of explosive attack can have serious ramifications for the people and environment downstream of the structure. Understanding how explosives affect these dams can help owners and operators develop mitigation strategies.

Ocean Energy Explored
By David Appleyard
Marine current, wave and tidal energy is set to boom. With Full commercial operations surely just around the corner, we explore the power of the deep.

Method to Develop a Family of Cam Curves from a Single Index Test
By Lee H. Sheldon
A method is available that allows project owners to extrapolate a single head index test cam curve into a family of cam curves for a Kaplan turbine. This method provides accurate results while reducing the need for additional index tests.

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About Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) Magazine :
Hydro Review Worldwide (HRW) provides comprehensive coverage of the Hydroelectric Industry Worldwide. Its mission is to provide a worldwide network for sharing practical, technical information and expertise on hydroelectric power. HRW brings together the international community sharing a common interest in hydro.

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