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Ground Support Magazine CoverGround Support Magazine offers industry profiles, management, safety and technical information to the global ground support community to improve the efficiency and reliability of their operations. The magazine is published for professionals at commercial passenger and cargo airlines military stations, ground handling firms, FBOs and airports.

Ground Support is the support equipment and service found at an airport, usually on the ramp, the servicing area by the terminal. It is used to service the aircraft between flights. As its name implies, Ground Support is there to support the operations of aircraft on the ground. The functions that this equipment plays generally involve ground power operations, aircraft mobility, and loading operations (for both cargo and passengers).”

Ground Support worldwide magazine serves 15,000 readers globally, with 54,000 in passalong readership and is published 10 times a year. Four electronic issues are also published specifically for military ground support persons and include editorial, products and services and military news items that are geared to the military.

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Geographic Eligibility: Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, Central America, Africa, Caribbean, and Asia Pacific

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