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Free Subscription to GPS World Magazine May 2013The May issue of GPS World Magazine will take a special look at Testing GNSS-based Automotive Applications. Other articles covers latest news on global navigation and positioning industry.


On the Road under Real-Time Signal Denial
Testing GNSS-based Automotive Applications
Emerging GNSS applications in automobiles support regulation, security, safety, and financial transactions, as well as navigation, guidance, traffic information, and entertainment. The GNSS sub-systems and onboard applications must demonstrate robustness under a range of environments and varying threats. A dedicated automotive GNSS test center enables engineers to design their own GNSS test scenarios including urban canyons, tunnels, and jamming sources at a controlled test site.

GNSS Test Standards or Cellular Location
Multi-Constellations Working in a Dense Urban Future
GNSS receivers in cell phones will soon support four or more satellite constellations and derive additional location measurements from other sources: cellular location, MEMS Sensors, Wi-Fi, and others. The authors propose test standards covering these sources, meeting industry requirements for repeatable testing while considering the user experience.

Innovation: Evil Waveform
Generating distorted GNSS Signals Using a Signal Simulator

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