GPS World Magazine March 2013 Issue

GPS World Cover March 2013Here is new edition of GPS World Magazine for March 2013. In this issue, you can get latest latest news on global navigation and positioning industry.


Smartphone: Real-time, Continuous, Reliable, Indoor/Outdoor Localization
Using a select set of components, a navigation software development kit can easily be configured to fit a variety of mobile and portable devices. Testing on several current devices demonstrates that the kit’s use of sensors already present in smartphones to enable entertainment can provide 3D positioning when satellite signals are degraded or absent, such as in urban canyons or in deep indoor environments.
By Zainab Syed, Jacques Georgy, Abdelrahman Ali, Hsiu-Wen Chang, and Chris Goodal

Receiver Design: The Universal Software Radio Peripheral as RF Front-End
The Authors designed a full-constellation GNSS receiver, using a cost-effective, readily available, flexible front-end, wide enough to capture the frequency from 1555-1607 MHz. This takes into account BeiDou E2, Galileo E1, GPS L1, and GLONASS G1. The author used an external OCXO oscillator as the reference clock and reconfigured the platform, developing their own custom wide-band firmware.
By Ningyan Guo, Staffan Backen, and Dennis Akos

Innovation: Monitoring the Ionosphere with Integer-Leveled GPS Measurements

GPS is used in a variety of ways in addition to those of its primary mandate, which is to provide accurate position, velocity, and time information. One of these is ionospheric monitoring. The author describes a new technique that should enable scientists to get a better handle on what’s going on above our heads.
By Simon Banville, Wei Zhang, and Richard B. Langley

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GPS World magazine is the business and technology of global navigation and positioning magazine which provides most comprehensive GPS/GNSS-related news to high-level corporate managers, project and engineering managers, product designers, researchers, and system developers.

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