GPS World Magazine July 2012

GPS World July 2012 CoverGPS WORLD magazine for July 2012 is now available. In this issue, you can read latest news on global navigation and positioning. Here are feature articles for this month.

On the Edge: Sensing the Rivers
A fleet of 100 robots equipped with GPS and sensors were released May 9 into California rivers to measure water flow, salinity levels, and pollution. The Floating Sensor Network is a project by the University of California, Berkeley, to improve the way water quality and flows are monitored.

Innovation: The Devil Is in the Details

The stability of a received GPS signal determines how well the receiver can track the signal and the accuracy of the positioning results it provides. While the satellites use a very stable oscillator and modulation system to generate their signals, just how stable are the resulting phase-modulated carriers?

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About GPS World Magazine:
GPS World magazine is the business and technology of global navigation and positioning magazine which provides most comprehensive GPS/GNSS-related news to high-level corporate managers, project and engineering managers, product designers, researchers, and system developers.

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