Google Glass vs. Smartphone: Which is Faster?

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While Google Glass may make you look like a cyborg, the truth is that it’s essentially a wearable smartphone. Like your handset, Glass comes with built-in functionality for making calls, taking photos, checking the weather and getting directions. However, Glass is intended to make aspects of everyday life that much easier by placing the screen on your face rather than in the palm of your hand. This means you won’t whip your smartphone out of your phone or pocket to see if you’re walking in the right direction or to snap a photo.

But is it really that much faster to use Glass for these everyday tasks? We timed exactly how long it took for Google’s heads-up display to complete each function compared with a Galaxy S4 to see how much time Glass really saves. With this download you will also receive free weekly coverage on the latest technology news and developments from Laptop Magazines eNewsletter.

Free download “Google Glass vs. Smartphone: Which is Faster?” (PDF)

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