Global Finance May 2014 Issue

Global Finance magazine 05/2014 cover New edition of Global Finance magazine is now available. In May 2014 issue, you can get latest news on economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world. Cover story for this month is “US VS THE WORLD: ROUND ONE” — The fight has just begun, as newly enacted Fed rules start to cramp long-accepted operating styles of global banks. The banks are weighing what to do about it—as are global policymakers.


Myanmar Flexes Its Diplomatic Muscles
Myanmar’s chairmanship of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) is expected to boost the country’s diplomatic and economic prospects.

Baltics Bounce Back
Although hit hard by the global financial crisis, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia recovered quickly.

Iran: Fertile Landscape For Investment?
With good demographics and potential opportunities for FDI in a range of sectors, Iran is poised to make the most of further relaxing of economic sanctions.

EM Risks: Dealing With The Wild Cards
This year has already proven to be a wild one when it comes to emerging markets risks. Preparing for what is to come in volatile and disparate markets is ever more central to the treasury and risk management functions.

Banking: Bridging The Digital Divide
Corporate banking has always lagged the retail sector when it comes to the adoption of digital technologies, but mobile-banking services are gathering pace—and some visionaries are even contemplating banking services based on wearable technologies.

RMB: Getting Ready For The ‘REDBACK’
Fast-paced developments in China and overseas are bolstering the renminbi’s international expansion.

Sri Lanka: Liberalizing For Growth
Sri Lanka has an open business environment, but challenges—not least its recovery from the civil war that ended in 2009—remain.

The African Lions Roar
Africa is already one of the world’s economic hot zones—but things are about to get a lot more interesting.

Turkey: Cracks Are Starting To Appear
Financial markets may initially have reacted well to the reelection of the AKP and prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but his success belies deep-seated political and economic problems.

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