Global Finance Magazine September 2012

Global Finance Magazine September 2012 CoverGlobal Finance magazine for September 2012 has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here are feature articles for September issue.

Cover: Searching for Global Demand
Where spending and demand will come from now that many large emerging economies are suffering from decreasing exports?

Global Salon: Gary Gorton, Yale
Gary Gorton from the Yale School of Management speaks on the latest round of global financial turmoil.

Poland Shines In CEE
CEE has avoided the disruption that is plaguing the eurozone. Poland stands out for its stability and growth.

Sector Report: Agribusiness Take Off
Agribusiness is enjoying renewed growth in many different countries.

Awards: Project Finance & Infrastructure
Global Finance picks the best providers of financing and services, including the most innovative strategies.

Best Internet Banks 2012: Round 1
Global Finance identifies the most successful and innovative online financial institutions.

Islamic Finance Spreads Across Asia
The boom in Islamic finance is expanding to countries that do not have a sizable Muslim minority.

Taiwan Seeks New Growth Opportunities
The fate of Taiwan is closely tied to China, but domestic consumption is up and new growth opportunities are appearing.

Risk Management: Cyber Risk
Increasing data-related risks are forcing executives to reconsider their insurance cover.

Polls And Stats: European Banking Crisis: Impact On Emerging Markets Economies
Emerging markets economies’ outstanding debt held by EU banks as a % of their GDP.

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