Global Finance Magazine October 2013 Issue

Global Finance Magazine 10/2013 issueThe October issue of Global Finance will take a special look at World’s Best Banks 2013. Other articles cover latest news on economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here are feature articles for this month.


World’s Best Banks 2013
Global Finance unveils its annual list of the best banks. What did we find? For the winners, customers come first.


IMF/World Bank 2013 Annual Meetings
Global Finance presents its annual IMF/World Bank Issue.

World’s Safest Banks 2013
Global Finance presents its annual ranking of the World’s Safest Banks.

World’s Biggest Banks 2013
For the first time, a Chinese bank topped the list of the biggest banks in the world. Is this the making of a trend?

Global Trade: Rise Of The Superblocs
Free-trade alliances are being negotiated in North America, Europe and Asia.

Central Banker Report Cards 2013
Global Finance presents its annual report on the performance of the world’s central bank governors.

Annual Survey: Best In Class
A selection of winners from Global Finance’s awards program over the past year.

Country Report: Turkey
The full effects of recent upheavals and unrest in Turkey have not yet been felt.

Country Report: Poland
Poland withstood the recent global economic recession relatively well, thanks to its sound economic policies.

Risk Management: Political Risk
Corporate risk managers must manage the impact of sanctions and regulatory changes on their political risk coverage.

Frontier Markets Report: Ecuador
Establishing a new model for economic development, Ecuador can be challenging for companies considering investments.

Africa Auditions For A Leading Role
Surprise! Companies looking for refuge from turmoil in developed markets are eyeing Africa.

Africa’s Infrastructure: Power To The People
Innovative financing techniques—plus greater investor sophistication—have fanned interest in sub-Saharan infrastructure projects.

Africa’s Mobile Banking: Boom Or Bust?
Africa’s mobile-banking boom is a complicated tale of East versus West. So who’s approach will prove right?

North Africa: Trading In Stability
Developed-markets watchers hope tightening trade ties and increasing foreign direct investment will help ease tensions in North Africa.

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