Global Finance Magazine October 2012

Global Finance OctoberThe October issue of Global Finance will take a special look at latest economics, finance, investment, banking news, with focus on World’s Best Banks 2012. Other articles cover world’s safest banks 2012, central banker report cards 2012, the struggle for energy & power in asia and more.

Feature Articles

Cover Story: World’s Best Banks 2012
Global Finance unveils its annual list of the best banks globally, regionally and by country.

Salon: Robert Brusca, FAO Economics
Global Finance speaks to Robert Brusca of FAO Economics about the problem with current-account surpluses and deficits.

Awards: World’s Safest Banks 2012
Our annual listing of those institutions with the highest ratings and strongest assets.

Awards: World’s Biggest Banks 2012
Global Finance ranks the world’s 50 biggest banks by total assets.

Winners’ Circle: Safest/Biggest Banks
Presenting the Winners’ Circle: Our top award winners over the magazine’s 25-year history.

Central Banker Report Cards 2012
Our annual survey on the performance of the world’s most important central bankers.

The Winners’ Circle: Central Banker Report Cards
A listing of all A-Grade recipients since we first launched the Central Banker Report Cards in 1994.

Africa: Growth Of Pan-African Banks
African banks are growing cross-border thanks to growing economic and political stability.

Africa: Oil & Gas
African oil producers stand to benefit from continued sanctions on Iranian oil exports. But their path is not without challenges.

The Struggle For Energy & Power In Asia
Unmet power demand shadows the Asian growth miracle. We look at the situation in India, Indonesia and Japan.

Turkey: Still An Investment Darling
Turkey’s location between the Middle East and Europe has helped seal its role as an emerging markets darling.

Israel’s Export Economy Hits Turbulence
Israel’s export-oriented economy has not been immune to the global economic slowdown.

Risk Management: Political Risk
A look at the political risk insurance market with a focus on how they affect global companies and investors.

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