Global Finance Magazine June 2012

Global Finance Magazine Cover June 2012Here is new edition of Global Finance magazine for June 2012. In this issue you can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world.

Feature Articles

Best Islamic Financial Firms 2012
Global Finance presents its fifth annual awards honoring the leading islamic financial institutions around the world.

Global Salon: Instability And Finance
Q&A with economist James K. Galbraith to discuss political instability and implications for the European crisis.

Middle East Transaction Banking
Transaction banking is an ever-more-important business driver for both regional and global banks in the Middle East.

Emerging Markets Asset Management
Developing markets are causing a seismic shift in the global asset management industry.

Country Report: Russia
The government has pledged to improve the business clime, but foreign investors are skeptical on the speed of progress.

Special Report: Asset Nationalization
Asset expropriations in Argentina and Bolivia are a reminder of the risks of doing business in emerging markets.

Sector Report: Chinese Banking
Breaking the monopoly of China’s big banks may not be on the radar in the short term, but it is inevitable.

Regional Report: Caucasus
Georgia, Azerbaijan and Armenia have taken very different roads toward economic stability and growth.

Risk Management: Trade Credit Insurance
Corporate demand is rising for insurance to guard against trading partner defaults—particularly in the emerging markets.

Cover Story

The New Oil Rush
As the US inches closer to its elusive goal of energy independence, the economic ripple effect promises to leave no region or industry of the world untouched. By Michael Shari

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