Global Finance Magazine February 2011

Economic Magazine February 2011Global magazine for February 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this issue. Here is the cover story and features article for this month.


By Paula L. Green
In their headlong rush to set up operations in the fast-growing emerging markets, many Western companies are failing to take full account of the risks involved. The consequences could be painful.

With their global companies sitting on billions of dollars that shareholders and board members eagerly want invested in emerging markets as developed economies stagnate, corporate risk executives are warily picking their way through a minefield of risks both old and new. Yet whether age-old worries, like the possibility of government takeover of assets and lax enforcement of employee safety standards, or newer hazards such as the leaking of corporate secrets over the Internet, the risks lurking in these less-developed markets are being exacerbated by political uncertainty worldwide and many countries’ ongoing fiscal crises.

Regional Report: The Caucasus
Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia may benefit from CEE’s post-recession slump in attracting more foreign investment.

Focus: Mobile Banking
Mobile technology could forever change the way that companies manage their physical and financial supply chains.

Update: Custody and Investor Services
Custodians have seen their role expand as a result of recent regulatory and market-driven changes.

Country Report: Angola
Undaunted by years of hardship and war, Angola’s leaders are reshaping it into a robust and dynamic economy.

Corporate Toolbox: Cyber Security
Recent increases in cyber attacks have raised alarming questions over corporate network security.

Sector Report: Islamic Finance

Growth of Islamic financing and a focus on banking risk management highlight the need for a unified regulatory regime.

Best Trade Finance Banks 2011

Bankers are optimistic on financing for world trade growth, but regulatory change and currency wars have them on edge.

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