Global Finance Magazine February 2010

Global Finance February 2010 IssuesFeatures: Regional Report: Southern Africa
Southern_AfricaGlobal businesses and investors are taking more interest in sub-Saharan Africa, home to some of the world’s most neglected emerging markets.

Features: Sector Report: Treasury & Cash Management—China
Features_Chinese-cash-Mgmt-aAs Chinese companies dealt with the fallout from the financial crisis, improving cash and liquidity management became an ever more critical aspect of corporate treasury management.

Features: Country Focus: Japan
Features_Country-Focus_Japan-aJapan is a country of economic contrasts. It is a nation of savers, yet its public debt is the highest in the developed world. It trades more with China than with any country in the world yet fears its neighbor’s rise. It is home to many of the world’s most innovative companies, but its financial system suffers from inflexibility.

Features: Spotlight: Equity Derivatives
Features_Equity-Derivatives-aThe recovery in sentiment in most markets during 2009 was dramatic, and equity derivatives were no exception. From the depths of despair at the beginning of the year, when hedge funds and market-making banks were exiting the market, to increasingly bullish strategies and intensified competition among banks, never before has 12 months brought such a roller coaster ride.

Features: Focus: Global Custody
focus 1Any custodian doing business inEurope is used to dealing with “spaghetti”—not the variety of Italian pasta but the myriad different securities clearing and settlement platforms custodians have to connect to in order to manage securities on behalf of their customers.

When China Rules the World
Features_Books_-China-rules-world-aThere have been two kinds of Western responses to the rise of China. Some see China more or less solely in economic.

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