Global Finance Magazine August 2012

Global Finance Magz coverGlobal Finance magazine for August 2012 has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here are feature articles for August issue.

Cover: Will Japan Regain Its Greatness?
Business is scrambling to resurrect Asia’s economic miracle a year and a half after the Tohoku tragedy.

Global Salon: Jan Stuart, Credit Suisse
Jan Stuart, energy research head, fixed income, at Credit Suisse, discusses the global economy and oil markets.

Awards: World’s Best Subcustodians 2012
Global Finance presents its annual awards honoring the leading subcustodians worldwide.

Winners’ Circle: Subcustodians
An ongoing look at the top awards winners over the magazine’s 25-year history, part of our 25th Anniversary celebration in 2012.

Awards: Supply Chain Finance 2012
Global Finance’s annual awards honoring the leaders in supply chain finance services and solutions.

Winners’ Circle: Supply Chain Finance
Presenting The Winners’ Circle: The top awards winners over our 25-year history.

GCC Regional Report: The Power Of One
Oil wealth and the Arab spring are changing how Gulf Cooperation Council countries provide for their citizens.

Country Report: Portugal
Despite stagnant growth thanks to austerity measures, Portugal is being held up as a model of fiscal reform.

Country Report: Nigeria
Endemic corruption and poor regulatory infrastructure are damaging Nigeria’s reputation as an oil sector darling.

Risk Management: Liability Insurance
Corporate liability risk is rising as stringent new laws take shape worldwide.

Special Report: Afghanistan
Our reporter on-the-ground in Afghanistan looks at how the country is becoming a self-sustaining economy.

Back Page: Polls And Stats
Break-even Brent oil prices ($ per barrel): the price that must be maintained for oil revenues to equilibrate annual budgets in oil-producing countries.

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