Global Finance Magazine April 2010 Issues

Global Finance April 2010Economics magazine Global Finance has released their new issues this month. Here is the features articles in the Global Finance Magazine April 2010 Issues

How Safe Is Your Safety Net?
Fallout from the financial crisis is prompting risk managers to take a cold, hard look at their insurance providers.

Features: Treasury & Cash Management – Liquidity Management
Businesses are increasingly seeking to outsource parts of their accounting processes and discovering that contingency planning is becoming more important than ever.

Features: Focus – Trade Finance
Trade finance is stabilizing, but caution is the watchword in an industry still reeling from the effects of the financial crisis.

Features: Regional Report – Southeast Asia
The economically vibrant nations of Southeast Asia are forging closer links—and creating a regional powerhouse in the process.

Best Developed Markets Banks Awards
After two dismal years, the banking industry in the world’s developed markets is showing signs of recovery.

Features: Analysis – Accounting Standards
Multinational corporations face a less confusing future as US and international groups work toward accounting standards convergence.

Features: Sponsored Roundtable – Sub-Custody
Sub-custodians are finding new ways to serve their clients as the shape of the post-crisis landscape becomes clearer.

Features: Custody Buyer’s Guide
Global Finance presents its annual sponsored guide to the leading providers in the global and sub-custody market.

The Middle East’s Rapid Recovery
There are reasons for hope and progress in the dynamic economies of the Middle East, but challenges remain.

Middle East Supplement: Oil Wealth Keeps Economic Stimulus Flowing
Government spending will keep the Middle East’s economic recovery on track in 2010.

Middle East Supplement: Bankers Survey A Changed Landscape
Banks across the region learned many painful lessons during the crisis but have emerged stronger than ever.

Middle East Supplement: Region Takes The Lead In Going Green
Oil producers aim to turn the desert sunshine into a new export: solar energy.

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