Global Finance June 2014 Issue

Global Finance Magazine 06/2014 edition - free subscription. New edition of Global Finance magazine is now available. In June 2014 issue, you can get latest news on economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world. Cover story for this month is CRYPTOCURRENCIES – is bitcoin good for business?


Wanted: Double-Digit Growth In Agribusiness
As the world’s population expands and diets improve in some of the most populous countries, agri-businesses must grow at a strong clip to keep up with demand.

A New Sunrise For Spain?
Although the hardships are far from over, the Spanish economy and banking system may finally be on the mend.

Environmental Liability: Spillover Effect
The threat of corporate environmental liability incidents is increasing as new regulations—and new risks—take hold.

Beyond Barriers: Corporate-To-Bank Connectivity
Corporates and their banking partners still often speak different digital languages, but new initiatives by SWIFT and SAP should make connectivity easier. And increasing competition will be a good thing for corporates, sparking innovation and driving down costs.

Shadows Of The Past
Country Report: United Arab Emirates – Despite a fast-growing economy and plans to boost growth via infrastructure investments, debts are mounting again at Dubai’s government-related entities. Is the day when Dubai World almost collapsed coming back to haunt investors?

Kuwait: Mixed Signals
Kuwaiti legislature has cut red tape and is offering more inducements for FDI. But is the rest of the regime on board?

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