Global Finance July – August 2014 Issue

Global Finance 07/2014 Image Cover Keep update with latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world through Global Finance Magazine. In July – August 2014 issue, the magazine features economics news from Asia, Nigeria, Slovakia, Portugal, and India. You can also read special report GCC 2014 and SIBOS 2014.


MODI: Obstacles And Opportunities For A New India
As prime minister Narendra Modi begins his term in office, global market watchers are hopeful that it could signal a sea change for India’s governance, economy and friendliness to business. But most are tempering that enthusiasm with a dose of skepticism.

Asia: Reading The Tea Leaves
The bigger the opportunity, the bigger the risk. This certainly holds true for frontier and emerging economies in Asia. Finding the right balance between the two is a key challenge for multinationals looking to invest there.

Nigeria: Lighting Up The Power Sector
Nigeria lacks one key element for stellar growth: a power sector commensurate with its prospects.

Slovakia: Bright Prospects
Slovakia has moved resolutely to compete with other former Soviet-bloc nations for foreign direct investment.

Portugal: Back From The Brink?
With strong underpinnings for reform now in place, Portugal is seeing signs of economic improvement. But now that it has increased exports, will greater vulnerability to global trade winds haunt growth?

GCC 2014: Lowering Expectations
The six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have some of the world’s highest living standards and a combined GDP of more than $1.6 trillion. They play an important role in maintaining global economic stability, and their continuing prosperity depends critically on oil prices and the ability to generate surpluses to pay for infrastructure development and job creation.

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