Global Finance July August 2011

Global Finance July August 2011 magazine coverGlobal magazine for July August 2011 has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here are feature articles for July August 2011 issue.

Regional Report: GCC
The GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries, led by Saudi Arabia, will spend $120 billion over the next few years to buy advanced fighter planes and anti-missile defense systems.

GCC: Big Changes Loom
The regional group faces new challenges as it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

GCC: Banks Remain Reluctant To Lend
Upheaval in the region and beyond is encouraging banks to bolster their balance sheets before launching any aggressive lending programs.

GCC: High Oil Prices Support Government Spending Rise
Global politics, supply dynamics and the fiscal needs of the GCC’s governments are combining to cloud the prospects for oil prices.

Country Report: Portugal
Portugal’s new political leaders have a plan to dig their country out of its deep fiscal hole.

Country Report: Ukraine
Ukraine’s recovery appears impressive, but structural cracks remain that could derail it.

Special Report: Sibos 2011
Change is in the air at this year’s annual Sibos conference in Toronto.

Virtual Competition Presents A Real Challenge
Banks are facing growing competition from technologically advanced nonbanks as customers seek more convenience and higher service levels.

Regulators In The Driver’s Seat
Companies—and their banks—are increasingly mindful of how regulatory changes, such as the introduction of Basel III, will affect their corporate banking activities and the cost of banking services.

The Trade Revolution
Trade finance is in the midst of wrenching changes, and banks must keep pace with them or face loss of market share and a deterioration of their client base.

Awards: Best In Supply Chain Finance
Banks and nonbanks are driving steady growth in both the volume and the sophistication of supply chain finance.

Awards: The World’s Best Subcustodians
Subcustodians focus on real-time data and safety of client assets.

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