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Free subscription to global finance January 2014 - New edition of Global Finance magazine is now available. In January 2014 issue, you can get latest news on economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world. Cover story for this edition is New Game, New Rules — global foreign direct investment is undergoing a seismic shift as emerging markets countries are seeing both inflows and outflows rise dramatically—despite flat overall levels of global FDI.


Asia: Backing The Right Horse
Which country will surpass China as the next big thing in the region? You’ll find plenty of good bets.

Kuwait: Reshaping The Welfare State
Crude awakening: The oil-rich country aims to end its long dependence on petroleum revenues.

What’s Next For Kuwaiti Banks?
Capital levels are high, nonperforming loans low and declining, and liquidity remains strong.

Ukraine’s Startling About-Face
The decision to snub Western Europe has dimmed the country’s appeal. That presents a real opportunity for investors with plenty of patience.

World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers
Despite a global probe into trading irregularities, the FX market is thriving.

Stars Of China Awards Ceremony
Photographs from the ceremony in Beijing honoring the top corporate and financial leaders in the People’s Republic.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Mind The Gap
The worst region in the world for doing business? The best? So which is it?

Supply Chain: Rising Tides Of Risk
Extreme weather, along with other more-localized perils, pose some serious problems for global supply chains.

Bring On The New Russia
The giant country stands at an economic cross-roads. But like most roads in Russia, it’s a slow go.

Roundtable: Banking On Trust
Treasurers and bank executives talk cash management and the hurdles they face in a post-crisis world.

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