Global Finance Magazine December 2010

Global Finance Magazine December 2010 CoverGlobal magazine for December 2010 has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here is features article for December issue.

After an impressive 2010, the coming year looks likely to bring more good news for most emerging markets. Emerging markets are giving capital controls a good name. Long derided by economists for interfering with free markets, controls on “hot money” inflows are now being widely used from Brasilia to Bangkok to keep foreign money from overwhelming local economies and fueling inflation and asset bubbles, as well as causing currencies to rise.

Emerging Markets Focus: Asia
Emerging Asia may be the most powerful engine of global economic recovery—but threats to prosperity remain.

Emerging Markets Focus: Latin America
Latin America is enjoying growing prosperity as the region develops ever-stronger economic ties with Asia.

Emerging Markets Focus: CEE
A sustainable recovery remains as elusive as ever for many of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.

Emerging Markets Focus: Middle East
High oil prices keep government spend flowing into major projects, while debt-laden Dubai has improved.

Emerging Markets Focus: Africa
Africa’s economic prospects have never been better.

Regional Report: Southern Europe
Southern Europe’s sovereign debt crisis may seem resolved, but severe trials still lie ahead—particularly for Greece.

Rise Of Integrated Expense Management
The benefits of linking corporate cards to the physical and financial supply chain.

The Great Divide
As companies thrive while countries struggle, a split is emerging between macroeconomic and corporate performance.

The World’s Best Derivatives Providers
Derivatives providers’ landscape reshaped by desire for low commissions and fear of American bank counter-parties.

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