Global Finance April 2014 Issue

Global Finance magazine 04/2014 cover - free subscription. Get your free subscription to Global Finance April 2014 and get latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world. Cover story for this month is The Global Trade Backlash — Multinational corporations lobbied hard for preferential agreements under proposed Asian and European trade pacts. But the result may be more than they bargained for.


Country Report: Malaysia
Malaysia has strong fundamentals, but high leverage and simmering ethnic tensions remain weak points.

ADB Update: New Silk Road
Inter-Asian trade to lead the agenda at the Asian Development Bank meeting, May 2-5, 2014, in Astana, Kazakhstan.

ADB: Focus On Central Asia
Kazakhstan’s ambitious leader has many plans for his increasingly prosperous country.

P&C Insurance: A Buyer’s Market
Premiums for most insurable company risks have come down in price, but firms should check their coverage and limits.

World’s Best Investment Banks 2014
Global investment banks face a challenge in continuing to underwrite at the levels they reached in 2013.

Roundtable: Taiwan
Global Finance brings together key figures in Taiwan’s banking and finance industry.

Frontier Markets: Mozambique
Mozambique’s future rests on monetizing reserves of coal, natural gas, titanium and other minerals.

Middle East: The Price Of Progress
Reliance on cheap foreign labor could ultimately hurt the region’s growth prospects.

Middle East Thrives Amid Political Flux
Middle East countries continue to prosper, creating opportunities from instability.

Middle East: Islamic Finance Flourishes
Islamic finance is going mainstream, as Western countries start planning sovereign sukuk.

Middle East Capital Markets: GCC Triumph
GCC stock markets capitalize on uncertainty where other Middle Eastern markets cannot.

Dubai: Builder’s Paradise, Redux
“No property bubble” for Dubai in preparation for the World Expo 2020.

Middle East FDI: Infrastructure Boom
Foreign investment is now returning to the Mideast on the back of major planned infrastructure projects.

Qatar: Spotlight On Labor Reform
Occurring on the global stage, the World Cup 2022 is helping to highlight labor market reform in Qatar.

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