Global Finance April 2011

global finance april 2011 coverGlobal magazine for April 2011 has been released. You can read latest economics, finance, investment, banking news around the world in this edition. Here are feature articles for April issue.

Analysis: Latin America Goes To Market
Latin America’s corporations head to domestic and international debt capital markets, making investors happy.

Taiwan Roundtable: Economy & Business
Key figures in Taiwan’s banking and finance industry discuss the prospects for the successful, export-driven economy.

Go With The Flow
Banks are offering increasingly innovative products to help companies make the most of their internal liquidity.

Take Cover
Political risk in the Middle East and North Africa comes into sharp focus for multinationals in the region and beyond.

Regional Report: Asia
Asia’s export-led, resource-intensive economic recovery feels the drag of Middle Eastern and Japanese turmoil.

Roundtable: Sub-Custody
The world’s leading sub-custodians discuss the effects of new regulation.

Hot Commodities
Soaring commodities prices are changing the economic balance of Central & Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The World’s Best Investment Banks 2011
Innovation and unwavering commitment to the business mark the world’s leading investment banks.

Guide To Custody & Investors’ Services
Annual sponsored guide to the leading providers in the custody and investors’ services market.

Annual Supplement: The Middle East 2011
These are times of unprecedented change in the Middle East and North Africa.

Middle East: A Region In Transition
The rising tide of activism surging through the Middle East and North Africa is accelerating a transformation already well under way.

Middle East: Looking To The Future
The current market conditions may have prompted slowing in their expansion plans, but the Middle East’s banks are still building for the future.

Middle East: Taking A Leading Role
Careful economic management and a strong strategic vision have helped propel Qatar to the front ranks of the world’s fastest-growing economies.

Middle East: Bouncing Back
After a tough two years, Dubai has consolidated its position as a regional financial and transport hub and is set for a sharp upturn.

Other feature articles including Best Investment Banks 2011: Global Winners, Best Investment Banks 2011: Deals Of The Year, Best Investment Banks 2011: Sector Winners, Best Investment Banks 2011: Regional Winners, Best Investment Banks 2011: Country Winners and Best Investment Banks 2011: Best Legal Advisers.

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