[Free Guide] Hybrid Cloud Future: What It Looks Like and How to Get There

Free Ebook Hybrid Cloud FutureIf you’re still debating about whether private or public cloud is the answer to your IT needs — you’re behind the curve. That’s yesterday’s debate. Today, the conversation has shifted from “private versus public” to “which hybrid cloud scenario best fits my requirements.”

Hybrid refers to any assortment of external/internal environments that includes at least one cloud environment to meet the requirements of your application portfolio. If done strategically, organizations can best fit sourcing of applications by specific architecture, security requirements, and usage.

Today, only the most aggressive hybrid configurations split a single application across environments (for optimization within a single application) or actively move applications to cloud environments to accommodate bursts in usage (i.e., cloud bursting). But many enterprises today limit their definition of hybrid to these more aggressive options. Although there are significant barriers to cloud bursting today, other hybrid cloud scenarios are more within reach and common among enterprises.

Download “Hybrid Cloud Future: What It Looks Like and How to Get There” white paper and get better understand this current and future state of hybrid. You can read Forrester’s interview report toward 15 current cloud users about their cloud plans and challenges that they face moving forward.

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