[Free Ebook] Native vs HTML5 Mobile App Development

Native vs. HTML5 Mobile App Development: Which Option is Best?With 1.25 million native apps dominating today’s mobile market, and only a small fraction of mobile web or HTML5-based apps in existence–75,000, according to an IDC estimate–one would think the native vs. HTML5 app war had grown cold. However, the weighty issues of performance and cost continue to keep this debate hot.

Read this ebook to learn pros and cons of native versus HTML5 apps, and gain a better understanding of which option is best suited to your business objectives. In an informative white paper from Appcelerator, explore the variances in user experience, performance, monetization, cross-platform deployment costs, developer availability, distribution control–and more.

Download the white paper and discover:

  • Why native apps win in terms of functionality and performance, but fall short when it comes to expenditure, timeliness of updates, and programmer accessibility
  • How to accurately evaluate the cost benefits of HTML5 by understanding challenges such as browser fragmentation and varied support
  • Which use cases make the most sense for an HTML5-based app
  • Which new choice in app technology offers lower costs and deployment across multiple platforms–without sacrificing user experience

Download Native vs. HTML5 Mobile App Development: Which Option is Best? ebook now to get the full story.

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