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ID management system ebook coverA healthcare employee’s ID card is often the key to unlocking doors and applications. Since many facilities manage critical databases via email and spreadsheets, it means changes and updates are manual, leaving a facility open to risk–especially if an employee is terminated. To increase operational efficiency, an Identify Management Automation Process (IMAP) can arm system administrators with tools to eliminate critical points of failure and replace them with risk mitigation. Specifically an IMAP can:

  • Provide employees with the ability to swipe their card credential through a wedge reader so they can log on to all their applications at once
  • Help security access new employee information within 30 minutes of it being entered into the system
  • Increase data integrity because employee ID numbers are automatically populated in the HR system, thereby reducing human error

This white paper examines how a fully integrated ID system can improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk and free up security staff time to perform essential tasks that do not involve data entry or troubleshooting.

Reduce risk and streamline hospital access control with integrated ID management system.

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