[Free Ebook] BYOD Risks and Rewards: How to secure BYOD

BYOD security guideAlthough Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) may be a convenience to your employees, you need to think about its impact on corporate security models. So, how to keep employee smartphones, laptops and tablets secure, especially for individuals in Government and Education institution? This white paper explains the risks and rewards of BYOD, and shows you how you can adopt BYOD in your workplace while protecting your data.

By reading this white paper you can learn How to secure BYODs, how to set policy and compliance standards, 7 steps to a BYOD security plan, what BYOD means for business, what BYOD means for security, what is BYOS: Bring Your Own Software, and more.

If you are interested with BYOD security, you can get this white paper for free by follow below link.

Free Request BYOD Risks and Rewards White Paper

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