[Free Ebook] Best Practices in BYOD: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10

BYOD with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 EbookBring your own device (BYOD) is a company policy that permits employees to bring personally owned mobile devices (laptops, tablets, and smart phones) to their workplace, and use those devices to access privileged company information and applications. Some believe that BYOD may help employees be more productive. Others say it increases employee morale and convenience by using their own devices and makes the company look like a flexible and attractive employer.

To support BYOD, BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 provides powerful Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution with better manageability, security and support. The most interesting feature is its flexibility to control devices running on iOS, Android and BlackBerry operating systems, across your organization, exactly the way you want to. And all from a single, centralized and unified management console. FREE Download “Best Practices in BYOD: BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10” white paper now and learn how to implement BYOD using BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 in your organization.

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