Exploration & Production Magazine (E&P) July 2013 Issue

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Don’t forget mature fields
The best place to look for oil is in an oil field, and field economics make these provinces increasingly attractive.

Natural gas developers swarm to East Africa
With more than 170 Tcf of gas in place already discovered offshore Mozambique and Tanzania, natural gas companies are jostling for position in exploration and LNG projects.

Azimuthal gamma ray optimizes shale development
New tool overcomes conventional gamma ray deficiencies.

New 3-D test tool delivers big benefits
Versatile formation fluid sampler and pressure tester succeeds where others have failed and conquers previously untestable formations.

Process safety: a view from the field
The offshore industry has a demographic issue on the horizon that will result in a loss of experienced ‘system integrating’ process safety engineers.

Solids-free combination proves successful in carbonate development
The MPD system provided the basis for a new technique for drilling high-pressure Malaysian carbonate reservoirs.

Pinnacle carbonate drilling challenges Petronas engineers
Implementation of PMCD technique enables safe drilling in high-loss carbonates offshore Sarawak.

Formation testing enables comprehensive characterization
New system provides cleaner samples in less time.

Project complexity driving riser design innovation
As offshore projects become increasingly large and complex, it is both new solutions and the enhancement of existing ones that will help contractors meet the challenge.

Rising to the challenge
The industry’s need to rapidly advance riser technologies to deal with extreme water depth, temperature, and pressure is driving a series of innovative studies.

Focusing on Canada’s light, tight oil plays
Advances in completions techniques and technology lead to increased production in the Bakken, Cardium, Exshaw, and Viking formations.

Chemical tracers measure production from stimulated wells
The use of hydrocarbon-soluble chemical tracers to measure production provides operators with a new well design tool.

Integrated approach to well and production testing
A successful testing strategy should use a dynamic loop-based process and an integrated technology framework for improved production results.

Norway continues to shine
New acreage, new discoveries, and new technology keep this energy pioneer at the top of its game.

Complex wells demand greater collaboration across all disciplines
Collaboration allows a better focus on technology and R&D so the industry can achieve a level of success that would not otherwise be available.

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