E&P Magazine May 2014 Issue

Exploration and Production Industry Magazine 05/2014 edition - free subscription. Keep update with latest news on exploration and production (E&P) industry through E&P Magazine. In May 2014 Issue, the magazine features introducing an enhancement to HTVs, seismic vessel design strategies, supply chain management: from backroom to backbone and more. Cover story for this month are deeper waters demand different approach to design and more than 24,000 offshore wells need to be drilled through 2020.


Industry execs weigh in
A recent survey of energy CEOs indicates overall optimism but troubled thoughts as well.

2014 Meritorious Awards for Engineering Innovation
An expert panel of judges has selected the top 18 industry projects that open new and better avenues to the complicated process of finding and producing hydrocarbons around the world.

New life for a dead sea?
The U.S. portion of the Atlantic Ocean has been off-limits to oil and gas development for decades. There are encouraging signs that the situation might be changing.

Seismic vessel design strategies
A review of seismic service companies reveals a wide range of approaches to managing 3-D seismic fleets.

Supply chain management: from backroom to backbone
The largest independent oil producer in the U.K. North Sea is on a mission to bring supply chain management out of the shadows of a back office function to the forefront of business operations.

Eastern Canada has plenty to offer
The region provides an offshore spectrum of frontier to mature oil and gas opportunities.

Alternative high-tension wireline cable improves data acquisition
Cable lowers logging tensions while reducing operational, maintenance and safety risks.

Independence fosters innovation in drilling pad construction
An operator in the Marcellus found that its use of new advanced composite mat system saved time and money.

Operators share data to benchmark shale wells
Global resource offers operators an opportunity to compare their wells’ performances to those of their competitors.

Smart intervention services mitigate risks, reduce NPT
Applying smart intervention technology in a deepwater GoM sidetracking operation provided real-time information that reduced NPT and overall rig time.

Science proves old rule wrong
Company’s low-salinity EOR process proves successful in tests, gets first shot at Clair Ridge.

3-D overview of platform drilling aids efficient collaboration
Collaboration Table merges gaming and 3-D technology to help the entire production platform team meet its business objectives.

Learning from experience
Vessel design and equipment layout take advantage of combined industry knowledge to deliver drilling and completion efficiencies.

FPU verification facilitates regulatory compliance
Independent review provides safety assurance on FPU projects.

Introducing an enhancement to HTVs
A new approach to industrial module transport will reduce inefficiencies in resource utilization.

Workover market enters newbuild cycle
Manufacturing capacity for 2014 is essentially sold out, with some manufacturers taking orders for 2015 delivery.

Back to basics in southern Alberta
Shale is for the big boys. Hemisphere Energy is happy with conventional horizontal drilling.

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