E&P Magazine June 2014 Issue

E&P Magazine 06/2014 Cover Exploration and production (E&P) magazine for June 2014 edition has been released. In this issue, you can read latest latest news on Exploration and Production industry such as A new chapter for Ireland’s offshore, optimizing the Permian Basin Wolfcamp pay zone, new safe & stable water treatment and more.


Oil prospects add to East Africa’s charm
As companies continue to push forward gas production plans, others are targeting oil with early success.

Midcontinent continues to evolve
Conference presentations reflect evolution in players’ knowledge of play’s resource versatility.

Legislation could keep good times flowing in Texas shales
Possible infrastructure solution could circumvent state water-transportation issues.

‘Look outside the tank’
Water storage issues bring benefits of above-ground tanks to surface.

Direct electrical heating goes deeper
As the oil and gas industry continues to move into ever deeper waters, the need for flow assurance technologies increases.

New inspection ensures structural integrity of flexible risers
New approach to integrity management uses electromagnetic stress measurement technology.

Technology takes hydrocyclone water treatment to next level
New process for safe, stable water treatment introduced.

Iraq instability increases security, political risks
The conflict is far from over as disenfranchised Sunnis take their revenge on oil and gas assets.

A new chapter for Ireland’s offshore
Fresh partnerships have been formed to explore new acreage offshore Ireland. Is this— finally—the beginning of a more promising era for this previously underwhelming Atlantic Margin province?

Solving Arctic challenges
Harsh-environment research is moving industry toward expanding Arctic operations.

Optimizing the Permian Basin Wolfcamp pay zone
Hybrid bit technology drills curve 50% faster while achieving high build rates.

Use of real-time monitoring aids in water management
Program reviews produced water variables in real time, encouraging onsite treatment effectiveness.

Robotization in seismic acquisition—a glimpse into the future
With 1 million channels looming as the next step in land seismic acquisition, automation becomes an enticing opportunity.

Increased sampling improves signal
As channel count soars, many are reaping the benefits of better land seismic images.

Reservoir mapping-while-drilling tool expands well placement
By mapping multiple formation layers at reservoir scale, the mapping-while-drilling service provides a more detailed characterization of production capability.

Formation pressure testing added to LWD suite for complex wells
Modularity allows pressure measurements to be custom-calibrated to further enhance accuracy of the formation pressure testing tool.

Unconventionals boost artificial lift
Experienced labor can’t keep up with demand for artificial lift services.

Global, risk-based shale development verification service launches
Initiative seeks to establish ‘safe harbor’ for shale practices.

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