E&P Magazine July 2014 Issue

"E&PNew edition of Exploration and production (E&P) magazine is now available. In July 2014 issue, you can get latest news on Exploration and Production industry such as sustainable frack fluids transform water from burden to benefit, addressing challenges in petrophysical modeling and more.


Fracking in the Golden State
Hydraulic fracturing hasn’t been banned in California—yet. Groundwater monitoring might save it from extinction.

Solutions in the spotlight
Life can be a paradox at times. Like when someone asks for submissions of award-winning technologies that must be both ‘new’ and ‘proven’ at the same time.

New kit for Eldfisk
Departure of topsides from shipyard brings Eldfisk II project one step closer to finish line.

Sustainable frack fluids transform water from burden to benefit
New hydraulic fracturing fluids are transforming former waste streams into cost-saving alternatives to freshwater systems.

Quest for the most efficient field-frack network
Consistent stage spacing and frack volume deliver maximum reservoir connectivity.

The demand for sand
The growing role of slickwater fracks and the addition of more stages per lateral drive increased usage.

Decontamination of mercury-impacted process equipment
Tests of new chemical solution developed to remove mercury from contaminated hydrocarbon processing equipment during decommissioning deliver impressive results.

Self-supporting riser boosts use of CT interventions
A single permanently installed self-supporting riser can be used for drilling, completion, testing, production and abandonment of wells.

Trends shift in North American, international CT markets
Demand distribution in the U.S. has shifted slightly back toward workover operations. International dynamics are expected to mirror the North American CT market.

Connecting key elements
A new approach to integrating people, processes and technology can change the safety-productivity dynamic and drive risk-based operational excellence.

Finding more, spending less
A global exploration strategy focused on drilling high-impact wells is transforming Statoil’s reserves portfolio.

Middle East’s technology development enters new phase
Innovation and collaboration are keys to ensuring sustainable future.

Wireline sensor expands capabilities of DFA
Analysis tool enables downhole measurement of in situ viscosity in real time.

Addressing challenges in petrophysical modeling
Analysis should be based on all available data to gain a geological interpretation of the reservoir.

Rock physics modeling
Workflow combining kerogen maturation and petrophysical data offers insight into unconventional reservoirs.

Australian reservoir laboratory provides integrated shale services
Recently opened reservoir characterization laboratory in Brisbane has advanced rock mechanics testing capabilities.

Money, hydrocarbon flow continues in Middle East
Despite the risks, the region’s proven hydrocarbon reserves continue to attract.

Bakken remains hot topic for US operators
Conference panelists discuss the ever-increasing production activity in the Bakken.

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