Environmental Design + Construction October 2013 Issue

Environmental Design + Construction 10/2013 edition - Free subscribe New edition of Environmental Design + Construction magazine is now available. In October 2013 issue, you can read latest news on green building industry. This magazine is dedicated for architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer.


Cooling Off
Known for mitigating the urban heat island effect, cool roofing and green, planted roofs can deliver significant energy-saving benefits as well.

Sustainable Fun with a Spray Playground
As part of a $500 million public/private effort to sustainably revitalize one of the most economically and socially depressed communities in the Greater New York area, sustainability shares the stage with fun at a new park.

Infusing New Into Old
Chicago’s new urban winery exemplifies sustainability, community building and owner representation.

Stadiums Compete for Sustainability
Every building, even stadiums, can be made more environmentally friendly; sometimes all it takes is a little bit of inspiration.

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About Environmental Design + Construction magazine:
Environmental Design + Construction (ED+C), the premier source for integrated high-performance building, is dedicated to efficient and sustainable design and construction.

Published monthly on 100 percent de-inked recycled fiber paper, Environmental Design + Construction provides the progressive architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer with essential information on the rapidly growing green building industry.

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