Environmental Design + Construction March 2014 Issue

EDC magazine 03/2014 cover Here is new issue of Environmental Design + Construction Design magazine March 2014. In this edition, you can read latest news on green building industry. The magazine is dedicated for architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer.


A Golden Opportunity For Platinum
A grant from the Department of Energy pushes a sustainable building at a Michigan university from LEED Gold to LEED Platinum.

Getting the Water Right
Protecting fresh water begins at home for a research center dedicated to this valuable resource.

Applying Energy-Efficient Strategies to Research
A project team applies sustainable building standards to the strict safety guidelines of a Kentucky research lab.

Raising the Bar
Sustainability makes its case in a new University of Baltimore law school building

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Geographic Eligibility: USA (Print or Digital Edition), Canada, Mexico, Selected International (Digital Edition Only)

About Environmental Design + Construction magazine:
Environmental Design + Construction (ED+C), the premier source for integrated high-performance building, is dedicated to efficient and sustainable design and construction.

Published monthly on 100 percent de-inked recycled fiber paper, Environmental Design + Construction provides the progressive architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer with essential information on the rapidly growing green building industry.


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