Environmental Design + Construction June 2013

Free subscription - Environmental Design + Construction June 2013New issue of Environmental Design + Construction magazine is now available. In June 2013 edition, you can read latest news on green building industry and other topic like new campus for Adobe Systems inc. which displays a variety of inspiring artwork to highlight the individual creativity of its employees. This magazine is dedicated for architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer.


Printing And The Future Of Design
What would the A/E/C world look like if we used 3D printing to create our buildings and communities?

Transcending Corners Of Creativity
A software company shoots for LEED Gold with the development of its new campus to help develop visionary ideas in environmentally friendly ways.

Strategizing Water Reuse
Can the industry take advantage of the available solutions for water sustainability?

Taking Control Of LEDS
The Wild West is coming to an end with LED controls, making them an option for virtually any commercial application.

Decentralized Power Generation In Pv Plants
PV plants using transformerless string inverters and a decentralized approach stand to benefit technically and economically.

High-Performance Envelopes: Meeting New Energy Codes With Manufactured Systems
Designing and installing high-performance building envelope projects to meet challenging new energy codes benefits from a bit of ‘systems thinking’

Taking Stormwater By Storm
Rainwater harvesting and green roofs not only capture stormwater for reuse, but help relieve the burden on municipal sewer systems.

Free Subscription to Environmental Design + Construction June 2013

Geographic Eligibility: USA (Print or Digital Edition), Canada, Mexico, Selected International (Digital Edition Only)

About Environmental Design + Construction magazine:
Environmental Design + Construction (ED+C), the premier source for integrated high-performance building, is dedicated to efficient and sustainable design and construction.

Published monthly on 100 percent de-inked recycled fiber paper, Environmental Design + Construction provides the progressive architect, designer, specifying engineer and building developer with essential information on the rapidly growing green building industry.

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