Electronic Design March 2014 Issue

Electronic Design Magazine 03/2014. Get your free subscription to Electronic Design March 2014 issue and keep update with latest news and technical information needed by electronic engineers and engineering managers through the magazine. Here are featured articles for this month.


400-V DC Distribution in the Data Center Gets Real
Switching regulators for dc power buses are common in smaller-scale systems, so why not data centers?

Quad 4-A Regulator Offers Parallel Output Flexibility
Linear Technology’s LTM4644 µModule (micromodule) combines four switching regulators to support most if not all the power needs of modern digital systems in one surface-mount package.

GaN-Based Power Devices Outperform Their Silicon-Based Brethren
The AlGaN-GaN HEMT represents a significant departure in terms of materials, device structure, and performance compared to incumbent silicon-based power devices.

Power Experts Ponder Moore’s Law And Today’s Tech
Smaller transistors must operate at lower voltages, but when you put a lot of them on a die, they need many Amps.

Use A Flyback Topology To Drive Custom LED Lighting
When a lighting application requires a custom array of LEDs, a flyback ac-dc driver can be developed quickly and economically, while providing power-factor correction and dimmability.

Shared, Switched RF Link Enables Multifunction Remote Control For Different Roles
With this circuit, a single transmitter and simple set of user pushbuttons can initiate one of four different outputs, two at each of two remote receivers with very different applications. The circuits are based on available modules, along with latching relays and non-critical components and layout.

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