Electronic Design Magazine October 2013 Issue

Electronic Design Magazine 10/2013New edition of Electronic Design magazine is now available. Get latest technical information needed by electronic engineers and engineering managers through Electronic Design Magazine October 2013.


2013 Engineering Salary Survey: Pressure Up, Salaries Down
Check out the results of the 2013 Electronic Design Engineering Salary Survey as we break down the numbers and offer insights into unemployment, H-1B visas, outsourcing, wages, and other trends that affect you.

Understanding The Small-Cell And HetNet Movement
An overview of small cells for the cellular network and how they form a heterogenous network to improve overall cellular basestation performance.

Design FAQ: Managing Embedded Storage Using ECC-Enabled Flash Memory
What options do developers have when it comes to embedded NAND flash storage? There are three basic approaches to using embedded NAND flash storage

7 Critical Steps In Switching Power Supply Design
The design of switching power supplies requires significant attention to detail, from component placement and thermal analysis to careful testing for a wide range of operating conditions.

Design With Bluetooth For The Sports & Fitness Market
Bluetooth Smart is the go-to wireless solution for sports & fitness device manufacturers, offering many benefits and branding advantages.

Graphically Determine The Output Signal Level Of An RC Filter
The need to know what the output filter’s value will be is especially important for variable switching power supplies operating at different duty cycles. This discussion provides a method for calculating that output.

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About Electronic Design Magazine:
Electronic Design serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems. Readers are kept abreast of the rapid advances in technology and their applications at the chip, board and systems levels.

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