Electronic Design Magazine January 2014 Issue

Electronic Design 1/2014 edition - Free subscribe. Electronic Design magazine for January 2014 edition has been released. You can read latest news and technical information needed by electronic engineers and engineering managers through the magazine. Here are featured articles for this month.


Turn A Spreadsheet Into A Delta-Sigma Modulator
All engineers have spreadsheets on their computer and know how to use them. The input is just a column of data, and the output is plotted.

PLL Provides Ratiometric Capacitive Touch Switch For Appliances
This PLL-based circuit implements a touch-switch circuit using the PC board or small metal pads as sensors; it is radiometric and thus insensitive to changes in temperature and supply voltage.

Embedded Electronics Become Even More Pervasive
Improvements in processors, servers, and storage as well as user interfaces all will combine to help the Internet of Things emerge in 2014.

Analog Chip Companies Provide Higher Levels Of Design Support
Leading companies offer libraries, communities, and other tools to help you start or refine your next project.


Informed Analysis Picks Better 555 Timer To Drive Power MOSFET
The venerable 555-type timer makes an effective driver for power MOSFETs, but you have to understand the drive situation when selecting the correct variation of the basic timer. This idea shows how the wrong choice led to unreliable operation and failure, and the basic analysis that points to the correct choice.

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About Electronic Design Magazine:
Electronic Design serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems. Readers are kept abreast of the rapid advances in technology and their applications at the chip, board and systems levels.

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