Electronic Design Magazine August 2013

Electronic Design Magazine August 2013

New edition of Electronic Design magazine is now available. In August 2013 issue, you can get latest technical information needed by electronic engineers and engineering managers.


Top 50 Employers in Electronic Design 2013
Leading companies provide hope in an economy defined by stagnant wages and fewer opportunities

Understanding Delta-Sigma Modulators
Specific equations can help designers quantify the various improvements that delta-sigma modulators can provide.

Data Fusion Enables Next-Generation Smart Mobile Applications
As sensors and cloud computing become more pervasive, our mobile devices and environments will become context-aware, accessing public and private information such as e-mails, GPS locations, weather, and transit schedules to deliver smarter mobile services to consumers.

Simple Addition Permits Voltage Control Of DC-DC Converter’s Output
This article presents apples-to-apples test results for noise densities for several low-noise discrete, SMT n-JFETs. The tests used the same operating conditions so that designers can make a fair comparison for their applications.

Simple NiCd Battery Charger Includes Charge Indication
This circuit uses a microcontroller and simple algorithm managing voltage regulator ICs and discrete components to control charging of nickel-cadmium batteries. It provides a steady charging current matched to the battery capacity while avoiding overcharging; it also includes LEDs that indicate the status of the charging process to the user.

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About Electronic Design Magazine:
Electronic Design serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems. Readers are kept abreast of the rapid advances in technology and their applications at the chip, board and systems levels.

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