Electronic Design Magazine April 2013 Issue

Free subscription and download Electronic Design Magazine April 2013Electronic Design magazine for April 2013 edition is now available. In this issue, you can read latest technical information needed by electronic engineers and engineering managers.

Featured Articles

Robotics Moves To The Mainstream
Robots soon will be everywhere, including at home and at work. But first, designers must ensure safety and resolve other practical issues.

The Essentials Of Low-Cost Design
Designers need to keep seven key factors in mind if they want to rein in the costs of their next project and still meet their performance specifications.

Get The Most Out Of Your Logic Analyzer
For many applications, a modern logic analyzer will reveal the root cause of troublesome bugs in less time than alternative instruments.

SPI Eases Interfacing For 5-By-5 Dot-Matrix Display
The circuit interfaces a display that features four 5-by-5 dot-matrix characters by using the display’s serial peripheral interface and a programmable system on a chip (PSoC). The SPI reduces firmware overhead and enhances clock stability.

The Quest For Zero Power Logic
Quantum cellular automate (QCA) shows great promise in succeeding CMOS for logic used to fabricate digital integrated circuits. By 2025, it may be the primary means used to fabricate the engines of our electronic devices.

Millimeter Waves Will Expand The Wireless Future
Technology finally makes millimeter waves practical to use, enabling the continued growth of wireless communications before we run out of spectrum.

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About Electronic Design Magazine:
Electronic Design serves the technical information needs of electronic engineers and engineering managers responsible for the design and development of EOEM products and systems. Readers are kept abreast of the rapid advances in technology and their applications at the chip, board and systems levels.

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