Egg Industry Magazine June 2012

Egg Industry Magazine Cover - June 2012Egg Industry magazine for June 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on industry related to egg production, egg processing, and egg marketing in this issue. Here is features article for this month.

Laying hen welfare bill predicted to pass
United Egg Producers lobbyists predict that passage of H.R. 3798 is inevitable based on strong support among consumers and the media.
By Terrence O’Keefe

Practical rodent control for deep pit poultry houses
Rodent control is an essential part of an egg farm’s Salmonella prevention program, but keeping rodent numbers down in high-rise houses is challenging
By Terrence O’Keefe

New demand metrics used to demonstrate changes in egg consumption
Per capita egg consumption is the view from 30,000 feet, but the American Egg Board is using alternative metrics to get details on trends of where eggs are being eaten and by whom
By Terrence O’Keefe

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico, Selected International

About Egg Industry Magazine:
Egg Industry reports exclusively on industry issues and news related to egg production, egg processing, and egg marketing. With content directed to corporate executives and management, Egg Industry is the standard that industry professionals turn to for their evolving business needs.

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