EDN Magazine March 2013 Issue

EDN Magazine March 2013Here is new edition of EDN Magazine for March 2013. In this issue, you can read latest electronics industry news, design idea and tips.


Si vs GaN vs SiC: Which process and supplier are best for my design?
One of the most difficult task circuit designers face is selecting the demands of both the system and the environment

LED-Driving Techniques Reduce Power in LCD TVs
New design techniques in LED-driver circuits promise to deliver significant energy savings

10 Software Tips for Hardware Engineers
Here is some advice that I wsih I’d received back in the day when I was transitioning from hardware to software.


  • Circuit maximizes pulse-width-modulated DAC throughput
  • A circuit for mains synchronization has two separate outputs for each half-period
  • Low-component-count zero-crossing detector is low power
  • DC-DC converter starts up and operates from a single photocell
  • Filter quashes 60-Hz interference

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About EDN (Electrical Design News) Magazine:
EDN Magazine is most authoritative technical voice in electronic design. The magazine provides how-to solutions for design engineers in the electronics industry.

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