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Get your free Subscription & download to EDN Magazine June 2013New edition of Electrical Design News (EDN) magazine magazine is now available. In June 2013 issue, you can get latest electronics industry news, design idea and tips from authoritative technical voice in electronic design. Here are featured articles for this month.


Counting squares: a method to quickly estimate PWB trace resistance
Complex geometries can be broken up into different size squares of copper to approximate the entire region of interest.

Power to the people: the democratization of engineering
When it comes to open source, software is years ahead of hardware. But with encouragement from established electronics-industry players and moves from makers and hackers, engineers could see open-source hardware and an increasingly democratized, communitybased approach worked into and enhancing their design cycles.

10 tips for maximizing battery life
Selecting a low-power microcontroller is an obvious first step, but you can follow a number of software and hardware tips to ensure that every milliampere-hour of battery charge is utilized.


  • Derive an efficient dual-rail power supply from USB
  • H-bridge paves new ways for LED lighting
  • Leakage-energy recuperating winding self-supplies dc/dc converter


  • Wi-Fi board combines Arduino with Linux for easy M2M use
  • Inexpensive 3-D printer kit creates plastic components
  • Now playing: the world’s smallest movie (made with atoms)
  • Graphics chip recognizes nearby pedestrians and bicycles
  • Invisibility cloak hides objects from radio waves
  • Ohm’s Law iPhone app helps engineers back-solve electrical power calculations
  • Voices:NI’s Eric Starkloff: inspired by engineering ingenuity

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About EDN (Electrical Design News) Magazine:
EDN Magazine is most authoritative technical voice in electronic design. The magazine provides how-to solutions for design engineers in the electronics industry.

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