EDN Magazine January 2013

EDN magazine january 2013 coverHere is new edition of Electrical Design News (EDN) magazine January 2013. You can read latest electronics industry news, design idea and tips in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Feature Articles

Detecting and distinguishing cardiac-pacing artifacts
Buried in noise and larger cardiac signals, the artifacts of a pacemaker are difficult to spot. The methodology presented here can help diagnosticians read between the lines of an ECG strip.
By John Kruse and Catherine Redmond

Signal-integrity issues on the rise
Our virtual panel shares eye-opening advice for anticipating, detecting, and mitigating SI problems in faster, increasingly complex designs.
By Janine Love

Why your 4.7-µF ceramic cap becomes a 0.33-µF cap
An investigation into temperature and voltage variations in X7R capacitors underscores the importance of data sheets.
By Mark Fortunato


  • An improved offline driver lights an LED string
  • Low-duty-cycle LED flasher keeps power draw at 4 mW
  • Rotary encoder with absolute readout offers high resolution and low cost
  • Two-IC circuit combines digital and analog signals to make multiplier circuit
  • Current loop transmits ac measurement

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About EDN (Electrical Design News) Magazine:
EDN Magazine is most authoritative technical voice in electronic design. The magazine provides how-to solutions for design engineers in the electronics industry.

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