Chemical Engineering November 2013 Issue

Chemical Engineering 11/2013 edition - Free subscribe Here is new edition of Chemical Engineering magazine November 2013. In this issue, you can read piping design for potentially lethal chemicals, ethanol from woodchips and latest news on chemical engineering industry and plant operations.


Heat Transfer for Huge-Scale Fermentation
The impact of ten-fold scaleup is explored here

Piping Design for Potentially Lethal Chemicals
Integrity and reliability are critical for piping and equipment that handle chemicals with extreme health hazards

Ethanol from Woodchips
Much effort has been expended to develop ethanol production processes that use lignocellulosic biomass as feedstock. This column profiles one such process…

Bacteria engineered to make gasoline
Short-chain hydrocarbons have been produced for the first time by microbial fermentation by a research team from the Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST; Daejeon, South Korea…

A new catalyst for low-cost production of biodiesel fuel
Daiki Axis Co. (Matsuyama City, Japan) has developed a new solid catalyst for biodiesel fuel production under the support of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) under the authority of the Ministry of…

Troubleshooting and Solving a Sour-Water Stripper Problem
A systematic approach identifies problems that prevented a stripper column from achieving trouble-free operation

A new material for large-scale energy storage devices
Researchers from the Australian National University (ANU; Canberra), and the University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia) claim to have obtained a temperature- and frequency-independent colossal permittivity (CP) material…

Plasma-modified CNTs show promise for water purification
An international team of researchers claims to have developed carbon nanotube (CNT) membranes with an ultrahigh specific-adsorption capacity for salt that is two orders of magnitude higher than that found in current activated-carbon-based water-treatment…

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Chemical Engineering serves chemical engineering professionals in the chemical process industry including manufacturing, engineering, government, academia, financial institutions and others allied to the field serving the global chemical process industry.

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