Chemical Engineering March 2014 Issue

Chemical Engineering 03/2014 coverHere is new edition of Chemical Engineering magazine March 2014. In this issue, you can read latest news on chemical engineering industry and plant operations such as special vacuum pumps developed for fusion reactor, Corrosion 2014 Show preview, bio-isobutene fermentation process to be piloted, methanol-to-olefins process and more.


Implementing a Corrosion-Under-Insulation Program
CPI facilities need to put in place a systematic program for preventing and mitigating corrosion under insulation

Mass Transfer in Fermentation Scaleup
As fermenters are scaled up to huge sizes, mass transfer is a key consideration

Advanced Polymer Recycling
Polymer waste streams provide opportunities for new recycling processes

A portable low-pressure steam generator with high throughput
The Steam-Flo SF-50 steam generator provides a portable source for low-pressure steam. The SF-50 features a 50 horsepower boiler unit and is capable of producing up to 1,725 lb/h …

Global Air-Pollution Regulations: Variation is the Norm
Operators with facilities in many countries need to focus on the requirements of each

Recovering and purifying byproduct and waste ethylene glycol
GlyEco Inc. (Phoenix, Ariz) has developed a process for recovering and purifying ethylene glycol from a number of industrial byproduct and waste streams so that it meets an ASTM International …

A new stabilizer introduced for biodiesel fuel
This company has added Baynox Extra, a highly concentrated liquid stabilizer for biodiesel fuel, to its product range. The easy-to-meter additive effectively prolongs the shelf life of…

Mix steam and water for safe wash-downs
The CSF Steam Water Mixer provides a reliable source of hot water that is delivered at the correct temperature and pressure. The mixer is a safe and…

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Chemical Engineering serves chemical engineering professionals in the chemical process industry including manufacturing, engineering, government, academia, financial institutions and others allied to the field serving the global chemical process industry.

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